Launched in August 2019, the free afterschool Rastogi MatheMagicians Club is a teen-led Concord, NH-based initiative that aims to foster an open and accessible math community. We offer numerous opportunities to explore math beyond school throughout the academic year to math enthusiasts in grades 4 to 8!

Venue for AMC 8:

 St. John Regional School 

61 S State St, Concord, NH 03301

Competition Dates:

AMC 8 -- Sometime during the week of  Jan 18 - 24, 2024, exact date TBD

The AMC 8 is aimed at middle school students, typically those in grades 6 to 8. The topics covered in the AMC 8 range from basic arithmetic to more advanced topics like algebra and geometry. The AMC 8 is often used as a stepping stone for students looking to compete in higher-level math competitions.

Check here for information about the AMCs: https://www.maa.org/math-competitions/about-amc/events-calendar 

Looking for results and/or question papers from a past competition? Check our Competition Archive!

Our Programs

We offer a free online after-school math reading group for students up to grade 8 who have not yet completed Algebra and are looking to get started with math beyond the school curriculum. This is a good place to start for younger students who are interested in joining the after-school club.

We have partnered with the Boston/Concord INTEGIRLS chapter to offer free online enrichment classes for talented students upto 8th grade who have completed Algebra.

INTEGIRLS is a nonprofit teen-led "by girls, for girls" organization with a mission to empower minority genders in STEM through math competitions. More information can be found at their website Boston.INTEGIRLS.org!

We offer online and in-person one-on-one private tutoring sessions where we can cover whatever mathematics material you would like to discuss.

We offer online one-on-one private essay advising sessions where we help brainstorm, edit, and refine essays for academic program and college applications.

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