Reading Circle

The MatheMagicians Club Reading Circle is an after-school reading group for students not yet in high school who are interested in exploring math beyond the school curriculum.

*Fee: While there is no fee for the Reading Circle, the student will need to purchase a couple recommended books (not totaling over $120 per year).


This year, we are meeting ONLINE over Zoom. Dates, days, and times to be announced.

For Whom: These meetings are for students not yet in high school (as of Fall 2023 - 24) who are passionate about math.

Length: Each class will last for approximately 75 minutes.

Effort: Every class, we provide homework that can take from 1 to 2 hours a week.

Prerequisites: We require that students know multi-digit subtraction and addition and have a solid understanding of place values. If they have completed Algebra successfully, please consider applying to the After-School Group instead.

Requirements: We expect consistent attendance from all our members for best results.

Total Seats: 6