Attendance and Homework Policy

We, the Rastogi MatheMagicians Club Team, reserve the right to update the Attendance and Homework Policy as we deem necessary. Should we make any significant changes, we will send out an email. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our FAQs page or email us at

This year, we have been graciously allowed to host meetings at the Saint John Regional School, so please respect the space. We require that you treat our team, your classmates, and any other individuals present respectfully and kindly. If you are attending an in-person meeting, please help tidy up the meeting room before you leave.

We hope you enjoy the programs that you take with us and we look forward to working with you!

The After-School Program

Please attend all scheduled club meets; dates for the 2022 - 23 academic year are already posted on the Group Meetings page. Should any changes to the schedule occur, you will be informed as soon as possible. If there is a scheduling conflict preventing you from attending a club meet, please inform us well ahead of time and let us know, in some detail, why you will be unable to attend. For best results, please try not to allow yourself more than 2 absences.

Homework Expectations:

We use Google Classroom to post homework after every club meet. Once you (and your parent(s)/guardian(s)) are added to your respective Google Classroom(s), please turn on your Classroom notifications so that you get email notifications every time an announcement or homework is posted. Make sure to complete your homework before the next meeting.

If you do not receive the homework within 3 business days after the class, please send us an email.

If you have significant difficulty with the homework, please email us as soon as possible at; you will be connected with a mentor and they will work to answer any questions you may have at their earliest convenience. Please do keep in mind that all your mentors are high school students and thus may not be able to respond immediately, but we will aim to respond within 3 business days of receiving your email. We request that if we require a response, you respond within a similar time frame, too.

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

Private tutoring will be 1-on-1, so we request that we are informed at least 24 hours in advance if you will be unable to make a meeting.

Please complete any assigned homework on time and contact your tutor if you have difficulty. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete all the homework. While we do offer weekly private tutoring, we are willing to meet at larger intervals if you require more time to finish the work, though we suggest no more than two weeks between sessions. Most of the time, your mentor will tell you what they expect done by the next meeting verbally, so be sure to note down what homework they assign you. If you feel that you have been assigned too much homework or if homework assignments are unclear, please reach out to your mentor.

Practice Group

To be a part of the practice group, you must be a member in the after-school program AND/OR a student in our 1-on-1 private tutoring.

To be eligible for and remain in the practice group, we require that your attendance is satisfactory in whichever other program(s) you are taking through the club as outlined above. If you are part of just our private tutoring, we require that you have at least 2 private tutoring sessions per month for each month that you are a part of the practice group.

Please note that there is no homework for the practice group.

Know that your mentors are here to help you succeed, so please contact us without hesitation if you have any questions!