"Call it tutoring, platform or just some timely guidance & counseling provided by this self driven, modest, selfless little group of young children is invaluable. Having experienced first hand with our own child and am sure with several other children, the platform this group provides just opens the sky up for our children and parents too. Continue doing what you are doing and you have our patronage, word of mouth and support and hope my child becomes part of this noble act one day, to take the legacy forward.

- S. N., New Hampshire (Parent)

"I  have been very pleased with this tutoring platform. It has taught me step by step how to draw models for problems, and how to draw a picture of the question, and that can really help you. You are very understanding people, so continue to grow and shine and keep accomplishing new goals.

-E. N., New Hampshire (Student)

"Anshul had been the primary tutor for my daughter to prepare her for Contest Math. Anshul is gentle, patient and a great instructor. He has helped my daughter understand the importance of defining a rigorous routine and contributed to her future success. For that, I will remain grateful to him.

- P. B., Massachusetts (Parent)

"Mathemagicians Club has been one of the best academic experiences my children have ever had. It has been a great community of kids who push each other and challenge one another. They have been exposed to topics and theorems that are college level. It has been a tremendous peer group. I have encouraged other friends' kids to get involved. My kids are always challenged, occasionally frustrated, but undeniable growing in the Mathemagicians Clubs. I can't recommend it more highly." 

-Patrick C., New Hampshire (Parent)

"I have learned a lot while I have been a part of the Mathemagicians Club. It has been a great place for me to improve my problem solving ability, and I have learned different ways to do hard problems. The mentors have always been willing and ready to help. It has helped me with Mathcounts and other math tests. I recommend it for students who are interested in doing challenging problems." 

- Ryan, New Hampshire (Student)

These kids have a passion for math. They help you to go beyond the normal school math and challenge you to achieve more. Very impressed!! 

-A. P., California (Parent)