"Mathemagicians Club has been one of the best academic experiences my children have ever had. It has been a great community of kids who push each other and challenge one another. They have been exposed to topics and theorems that are college level. It has been a tremendous peer group. I have encouraged other friends' kids to get involved. My kids are always challenged, occasionally frustrated, but undeniable growing in the Mathemagicians Clubs. I can't recommend it more highly."

-Patrick C., NH (Parent)

"I have learned a lot while I have been a part of the Mathemagicians Club. It has been a great place for me to improve my problem solving ability, and I have learned different ways to do hard problems. The mentors have always been willing and ready to help. It has helped me with Mathcounts and other math tests. I recommend it for students who are interested in doing challenging problems."

- Ryan, NH (Student)

These kids have a passion for math. They help you to go beyond the normal school math and challenge you to achieve more. Very impressed!!

-A. P., California (Parent)