Since its launch in August of 2019, the free afterschool Rastogi MatheMagicians Club has offered competition math classes throughout the academic year to students in grades 4 to 8. Since 2020, we expanded to offer four more enrichment opportunities:

We offer a free in-person after-school math enrichment program for talented students upto 8th grade who have completed Algebra.

We offer online and in-person one-on-one private tutoring sessions where we can cover whatever mathematics material you would like to discuss.

We offer a private online math practice group for students who are either in our private tutoring or group classes who are looking for extra practice for competition math.

If you are looking for a center to take the AMC 8 and/or 10/12 exams, now you can register with us!

We offer a free in-person after-school math reading group for students up to grade 8 who have not yet completed Algebra and are looking to get started with math beyond the school curriculum. This is a good place to start for younger students who are interested in joining the after-school club.

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